Fish Pops Burlingame

Michael Dearing

This is a Beginner level class focused on using data to make decisions. It's only open to alums of General Management.

Meyer Shot has a job offer to be the General Manager at Fish Pops in Burlingame. Analyzing operations data provided by the store owner, you will help Meyer decide whether to accept the job and, if she does, what to focus on in the role.

This case study uses a new format. You will receive the case study and a data set. You will complete the analysis -- both qualitative and quantitative -- and write-up on your own time. You can post your analysis to the slack channel on the due date (the date and time posted for the section "meeting"). Each member of the class will receive a copy of the teaching team's own analysis of the problem so they can compare it to their own work. We can discuss the work in the slack channel. The new format is designed to offer practice with business analysis and communication without the single-point-in-time-meeting constraint.