Leading High Velocity, Scalable Software Development

Michael Dearing

Jeremy King is the Senior Vice President of Technology at Pinterest. He leads the software development and product teams there. Previously, Jeremy was EVP and CTO at Wal-Mart Inc., EVP Technology at LiveOps, and VP Technology at eBay. Jeremy will share his views on how to deliver velocity (right direction and speed) *and* scale in your product development process. Prioritization, roadmapping, accountability, execution mindset are all key parts of the equation. And when you commit to his principles, you can ship software daily, run two-week sprints, *and* handle billions of transactions and hundreds of billions of dollars of revenue. I’ve had the privilege to call Jeremy a friend and colleague for nearly 20 years and he’s excited to lend you his A++ brain and toolkit. Velocity -- right direction at high speed -- and scale can go together. This class is for anyone working in a software driven company -- no matter on the business side or the technology side. It's free for any alums of General Management or portfolio co's of Harrison Metal.