Leading Teams: Connecting Strategy to Daily Work

In companies of all sizes, talented engineers and artists need to know how their work fits into the bigger picture. When they’re confused about why the work matters, superstar contributors double down on technical craft, focusing on doing perfect code or art rather than helping the company get to the next level. Simultaneously, investors are unclear on how all the work inside the company is contributing to the future.

Great general managers solve this problem by helping teammates and outsiders understand why the daily work is critical to the company’s future.

Michael Dearing describes Lauren Farleigh, the CEO of Dote Shopping, as "one of the best CEOs I have ever seen in business." She will show us how, in her spring 2016 board presentation, she used Drake's equation to connect daily work to strategy. We’ll also watch Twitter’s Annual Shareholder Presentation from May 2016 and consider how it could have been improved. You’ll walk away understanding how a great leader helps others understand the big picture, embrace the strategy, and stay motivated.

This class is an operator-taught elective. It will be co-taught by Lauren Farleigh, who we consider to be one of the very best managers in the world. The class is open to the public.