National Cranberry Cooperative

When you sit down nightly to eat cranberries, you may not realize that you're enjoying the output of a complicated and difficult to manage production process. Getting from the bog to your mouth is not simple — rigorous analysis is required to efficiently deliver that berry to your salad. 

Using a well-known case from Harvard Business School, we'll try to fix a cranberry processing facility that currently leaves delivery trucks waiting for hours and pays out thousands of dollars in overtime. Where are the bottlenecks? What equipment should we buy? Can you help the cooperative survive? 

The National Cranberry case is not to be missed by anyone who's interested in managing production processes. If you ever want to oversee a multi-step process that generates an output, come practice drawing flow diagrams, calculating tradeoffs, and finding new efficiencies. 

This class is open only to Foundations alum.

Photo via Flickr.