U.S. History in One Hour

How might we explain what's going on in America today? Is there any explanation for the twists and turns of the American journey? Professor Richard Tedlow has got one. Whether you were born and raised in the United States or have made your home here by choice, this is a story you will enjoy and one that will help you understand the current moment.

U.S. History in One Hour deals with the question of  “Who is in and who is out?” and how the answer has changed over time.

On July 4, 1776, the people who were fully “in” — that is, the people who had 1. The right to vote; and, 2.  A chance to better their condition in life — were white men with property.  Today, far more people are full members of our society.  But their path to equality has not been a straight progression.  Sometimes, people who have thought themselves “in” have been pushed “out.”  There has been a lot of friction in this process. This presentation dissects that friction and by doing so strives to explain how the United States has come to be the nation it is today in this rather remarkable moment.

Our leader is Professor Richard Tedlow, professor emeritus from Harvard Business School and recently of the faculty at Apple University, Apple's executive education program in Cupertino, CA.