Zoom S-1

Michael Dearing

This elective is only open to General Management alums.

An S-1 is the official registration statement a company files with the Securities and Exchange Commission when they want to sell their stock to the public. It is required by the Securities and Exchange Act of 1933. An important step in the process of completing an initial public offering, the document provides the public a detailed look at how the privately-held-but-soon-to-be-public company stacks up on operating and financial measures. It also gives you a clear view of the ownership held by employees, investors, and Board members.

Let's read and review the S-1 for Zoom, the video conferencing service. We'll use it to understand what's in the filing, to analyze their business results, and figure out who stands to gain from the IPO and how much. Who knows? Maybe you'll even decide whether you want to buy, sell, or hold the stock once it's public.

If you are a current Zoom shareholder, you are welcome to attend but please do not speak about the company during the session. We don't want to do anything that accidentally spoils the company's process.