Business Leadership

Michael Dearing

This class is only open to alums of General Management.

Business leadership is different than general management. If general managers make the trains run, business leaders decide where to lay the track and why.

During the last 250 years, the Industrial Revolution has changed civilization completely. Business is the engine of industrial life, and business leaders are in the driver's seat. They inspire the work of investors, general managers, rank and file team members, customers, suppliers, and even competitors. Our system depends on constant renewal of the ranks of business leaders. That's where you come in.

This class is based on a handful of ideas: business is a vocation; individual leaders matter; preparing for a challenge helps you meet it. Six skills matter above all others. Strategic thinking, product sense, persuasive communication, fluency with business math, ethical judgment, and grit are key qualities of successful business leadership. They help you convince other people to trust you with their most precious resources: time and money.

In this twelve-hour class, we will tackle each of those six skills of business leadership. As we did in General Management, we will use case studies, lessons from business history, and group discussion to guide us. And like General Management, this class comes with a large workload. Expect about eight hours of preparation in addition to our in-class time together.

Our code of conduct is simple: treat others with the respect they deserve as human beings. Enrollment is limited and is only open to General Management alums and tuition is $2,450 (waived for Harrison Metal portfolio companies). Apply by clicking on the link to the right of any open section.