Chat with Barbara Minto

Michael Dearing

Barbara Minto, a dear friend, colleague, and the creator of the Pyramid Principle, is coming to visit. Please join us for a lively Q&A chat with a living legend of business.

Barbara began her career in the late 1950s working directly for industrialist, Cyrus Eaton. She was among the first twenty women to join the MBA program at Harvard Business School in the 1960s. From Harvard, Barbara went on to become the first woman MBA management consultant hired at McKinsey & Company. While at McKinsey, Barbara refined and developed her unique approach to writing and communication, the Pyramid Principle, that has become the platinum standard of executive communication across the Earth. When she left McKinsey to teach her method to the world, Barbara began a decades long journey that still continues. On every continent you will find business people who practice the SCQ method and the Pyramid Principle to do their work. Barbara's methods and mentorship have shaped generations of leaders -- including many of you -- for decades. Her impact on business history is impossible to measure or to overstate.

This session is capped at 40 folks. It's only open to alums of General Management.