General Management

Michael Dearing

Entrepreneurship is the creative spark of capitalism. General management that scales that spark into a business. It's been that way for only about the last 250 years on Earth. So all this is new. The "creative destruction" of the Industrial Revolution -- the wealth engine powering every aspect of modern civilization -- depends on general management to bolster the best of us and to shock-absorb the worst of us.

Many of you -- the best and brightest of your peer group -- are being shoved into leadership and management roles because you are great at your jobs, because your company is growing rapidly, or both. But most of you won’t go to business school to study general management. And you aren’t going to get long apprenticeships learning how to manage from a terrific boss. Thankfully, many people came before us and struggled with entrepreneurship and general management. Some of them left us interesting stories and ideas. That's what this class is about: we borrow lessons from the past to be better at our jobs today.

Using case studies and group discussion we will tackle: Defining management; Setting objectives and measuring performance; Managing engineers and artists; Organization design; Executive communication. If you do all the assigned readings before class, actively participate in class, and listen to your colleagues, you will have a wonderful experience. Our code of conduct is simple: treat others with the respect and dignity they deserve as human beings.

This class requires about eight hours of prep work before we meet and we spend about ten or twelve hours in session together. The discussions include cold calls and heavy participation. If you do not prepare for class, you will feel sad both during the session and afterwards. If you join the class, tuition is $2,000. Because demand for seats in the class is high, if you choose not to attend after being admitted, there are no refunds and it is not possible to reschedule to another date. 

Apply by clicking on the link next to any open date. Vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 is required to attend.