GM3: Managing Engineers and Artists

Michael Dearing

Part Three in our series on General Management

Values, ambitions, thoughts, and beliefs vary significantly among people you work with. Understanding how their brains work helps you and your team get more done. To explore this further, we will look inside the heads and hearts of the Artist and the Engineer using an assortment of tools from surprising domains and time periods. 

We'll pull from the fields of medicine, the abolition movement, behavioral economics, and radio astronomy to put together a toolkit that can help you make sense of and manage through even the toughest human systems challenges at work.

Think of this session as if it’s a quilt (but not cloth), a mosaic (but not tiles), or maybe even a tapas meal (but not food). 

Before class, please read:

  1. Gordon MacKenzie's Orbiting the Giant Hairball, chapters 1, 2, and 3 (buy this book yourself);
  2. Kate Clifford Larson's Harriet Tubman: Bound for the Promised Land, chapter 10 (buy this book yourself);
  3. "Cognitive Distortions of Founders," video on;
  4. "Thank You, Kahneman & Tversky," video on;
  5. "Thank You, Elinor Ostrom," video on;
  6. "Drake's Equation," video on

This is an open, short format class. It is pulled from the first half of day-two of Harrison Metal's core seminar on General Management. I've repurposed the content so that you can do it online with a group of other folks from anywhere. The prep before class takes about an hour. I hope you will join the class! We charge a small tuition ($20.00) to make sure you are committed.