Malenti Strings

Michael Dearing

Jenica Fletcher runs a successful business unit -- Malenti Strings, maker of guitar strings -- inside a much larger corporation. She has shepherded the product from inception, to market, to success. As de facto CEO of this company-within-a-company, Jenica leads all strategic and operational details of the business while keeping strong relationships with her parent company, FLG Inc.

We'll use Jenica's story to explore how the pressure to innovate and grow makes the business leader's job a hard one. We will discuss how her values and vision for the business present particular challenges inside the parent company. Competitive strategy, marketing, and general business management and leadership are the focus of this exciting new case study.

The class is only open to alums of General Management. Warning: this case is so good, you might pass out. If you do not sign up for this elective, you will regret it forever.