NEW: Basics of Finance

Michael Dearing

This class is only open to alums of General Management.

Cash is life. Growth eats cash. Cash only comes from debt, equity, or operations. These are the fundamental ideas of finance for any business.

Many of you — the best and brightest of your generation — won’t go to business school to learn the basics of finance. And you aren't going to get a chance to learn and practice while you are busy doing your day jobs. This is highly fix-able.  

Using classroom-tested tools (including cartoons, videos, and case studies) and an excellent book by Robert C. Higgins, Analysis for Financial Management, we will tackle:  

— Cash cycle  

— Financial statements 

— Growth and cash  

— Sources of cash (debt, equity, operations)   

— Basic financial analysis  

This class is self-study with group interaction in a dedicated slack channel. Each week, a few lessons are posted to slack for you to complete. The following week, notes for the prior assignment are posted for you to review. You can go at your own pace and schedule. It's open to anyone who wants to take it. It's free and only open to General Management alums. This class is a new prototype designed to remove logistics and scheduling as a barrier to taking the class.