Pacific Magazine

Michael Dearing

Kirk Turner is the Editor in Chief at Pacific Magazine, a four-time Pulitzer Prize-winning publication covering science and technology. When one of Turner's lead writers is publicly accused of inappropriate sexual conduct, routine goes out the window in an instant. Turner has to decide how to respond real-time to an explosive and complex situation as it unfolds. He has no time to prepare and everyone in the world is watching.

This case study, while based on a true story, has been disguised. The subject matter will be very familiar to anyone reading the news about the #MeToo movement. It is also a particularly sensitive topic. Your own life experience and point of view on matters of sexual behavior will, of course, shape your views of the case. Please remember that your colleagues in the room bring their own life experiences and POVs to the class as well. As in all classes, our code of conduct is simple: treat others in the room with the dignity and respect they deserve as fellow human beings.