Steph Korey at Away Travel

Michael Dearing

The mob has come for Steph Korey, the CEO at Away Travel. Based on disclosures from current and former employees, Korey has been publicly lambasted for her management practices and staffing decisions. Leaked internal communications, statements from team members and alums, critics say, prove that the culture is “toxic,” “cruel,” and “clique-y.” The same CEO and team had previously been praised for “vision,” “high standards,” and “obsessed with customer experience.” Is either description apt? Are both? 

Using primary sources and media coverage, we’ll use this opportunity to analyze what Korey did and how she did it. We’ll develop something the torches-and-pitchfork crowd won’t: a 3-D point of view on what are Korey’s strengths and what are her areas for development. 

 No one deserves to be publicly shamed and attacked as she has been. And everyone deserves the benefit of thoughtful, balanced feedback on their job performance. Sadly, real world life in business is not fair. But we won’t let that stop us from trying! Let’s use this high profile case study and our independent thinking skills to practice good colleagueship and write a performance review for Stephanie Korey, CEO. This will be a lot more satisfying than watching folks tear her down for the sport of it.