The Dark Side

Michael Dearing

In General Management, we learned 20+ techniques for handling tricky situations. Let's call that your Tricky Situations Adventure Deck. Facing a tricky situation as a General Manager? Play cards one at a time or in combinations to get through it.

Now all the cards in that deck are from the Light Side -- think of it like the Blue Lightsaber Deck -- using your brain and talents to increase justice, output, peace. There is another deck, though: the Dark Side deck.

The Dark Side Deck -- yes, it's the Red Lightsaber Deck -- includes ten powers of a General Manager that serve only the General Manager's thirst for power and dominance. It's an evil set of cards that General Managers play when they have forgotten their sacred duty to increase output. Instead, they focus on their own status and how much money, influence, or fame they can accumulate for themselves. Come learn what those ten powerful cards are so you can spot them in others and yourself before it's too late.