Many of you -- the best and brightest of your generation -- won’t go to business school. And you aren’t going to get long apprenticeships learning how to manage from a terrific boss. Many of you are being shoved into leadership and management roles because you are great at your jobs, because your company is growing rapidly, or both. But the talents that make you a great individual contributor are not the same ones that will make you a great manager.

This six-session immersion in management thinking takes place over three days. Using simulations, case studies, and group exercises from the classrooms of Stanford University and Harvard Business School we will tackle:

— Setting goals for you and your team

— Performance management

— Managing engineers and artists

— Organization design

— Executive communication

— Tricky situations managing humans

This immersion comes with a big workload. You can see the syllabus here. In addition to twelve hours in-session, plan on about twenty hours of prep work outside of class. General Management meets from 10AM to 2PM over three days. Each day is broken into two sessions with lunch served in between the sessions. Enrollment is limited so that we can all get to know each other.

If you join the class, tuition is $2,450. As an alum of General Management, you will have 24x7 access to everything Harrison Metal has to offer for the rest of your life -- case studies, elective classes, our Slack community, small group- or 1:1 coaching. Apply by clicking on the link to the right for any open section.

Here's what your peers are saying about this course:

“In just three short days, this class delivers extreme value and pulls back the veil on general management. Michael and Andrew infuse the experience with unforgettable storytelling, humor, energy, and optimism. Walking out with a whole new toolkit!”

“Fantastic course. Michael and Andrew are engaging speakers who bring clear passion for the material — and are always careful to link these great business practices with great human practices. I’ll definitely recommend it.”

“Best three days I have spent in a class. Really unique lessons that I wasn’t ever exposed to, and readily applicable at work.”

“As someone who recently got promoted to a managerial position, the toolkit I’ve collected during the sessions gives me confidence that I will be successful at management.”

“Thank you for this course. The condensed, rich content and your passion brought the value of this alive in ways that will improve the way I lead, forever. I’m deeply grateful.”

“Great interplay of theory, history, and practical, readily applicable skills, no matter how senior you are or the size of your company.”