Improv & Communication


Any time we communicate, we are improvising. You and your conversation partner are trying to make something — a shared understanding, a joke, a moment of reflection — appear out of thin air. 

Let's explore this process by digging into the basics of improvisational theater. Participants will play improv games to build confidence around listening without judgment, having a "Yes, and..." attitude, and elevating and improving others' ideas. We will explore the principles of improv without judgment or expectation — we'll enjoy building collaboratively for the sake of it. No previous improv or theater experience necessary. 

This session will be very participatory. The only requirements are an open mind, a desire to learn, and a willingness to support others. This class is only open to alums of General Management or Design Thinking. 

Photo by Quinn Dombrowski: Day 296: Improv Performance, Improv Sign.