S1/S2 & Product Appeal

What does your packaging or website look like? What language do you use in your email marketing? Why do these choices convince buyers that the benefits of your product are greater than its price? 

Convincing buyers that benefits > price is fundamental to your business. The first things a potential buyer sees, reads, and experiences are too important to be exclusively 'assigned' to the brains of the design, marketing, and copywriting teams. You want your most talented teammates, regardless of training, to have opinions about the fundamental choices that underpin your product's appeal. 

This class will show you how to use Kahneman and Tversky's S1/S2 framework to help any team member understand and debate why the front door to your product looks and feels the way it does. We will use K&T's work on cognitive processing and, especially, the use of heuristics in decision-making, to open up the question of appealing to buyers to every smart person on your team.