Every day, you face challenges that don’t have obvious solutions. Messy problems, like improving an internal process or creating a new product, require creative answers that match the specific situation. Design thinking helps you find those answers. It's a toolkit for problem solving that facilitates rapid collaboration among people with diverse backgrounds. In this course you will learn the basics of design thinking:  

  • Understand: How do you observe with empathy to gain insight into a challenge?

  • Ideate/Prototype: How do you generate ideas and prototypes that leverage insights and inspire your team?

  • Iterate: How do you take solutions through multiple iterations, adjusting and refining your way toward a solution?

We’ll use design thinking on characters from the distant past, tricky situations each of us brings to the class, and a live-fire simulation with interview subjects invited in from the outside world. You’ll leave with a new set of tools that you can deploy in your own work and a way of thinking that will allow you to develop your own methods.

This class requires 5 hours of prep work outside of class. Design Thinking meets from 3:30PM to 7:00PM over two days. Each day is broken into two sessions with dinner served in between the sessions. 

If you join the class, tuition is $975. As an alum of Design Thinking, you have free access to all Harrison Metal elective classes. Alums of General Management will receive a 25% discount on tuition to Design Thinking. 

Photo via Jacob Bøtter on Flickr.